MZ Featured on Fabulous Arizona

12/07/2016, by MODUS Development, in News, 0 comments

MZ Townhomes, a MODUS Development project, is the first zero-energy housing of its kind in Arizona, located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

The building features eight townhomes, each complete with a variety of innovative, earth-friendly features that allow for a completely sustainable environment.

Not only do these condos combine chic, modern design with eco-friendly features, but they are also located just steps from the best shopping, dining and nightlife in Scottsdale.


Each of the spaces available for sale (starting at $449,900) within MZ Townhomes feature the following sustainable amenities:

•Rooftop mounted solar panels
•Cool roof technology, which provides additional insulation, waterproofing and a white elastomeric
coating which reflects the suns harsh rays
•Solar orientation (windows/doors all facing north and south)
•Hybrid water heater whose heat pump technology absorbs the heat in ambient air and transfers it
into water, resulting in savings of over 60%
•Daylighting with floor to ceiling windows and recessed balconies
•Heating ventilation and cooling system with 14 SEER heat pump
•Energy recovery ventilator brings in continuous supply of fresh air while exhausting contaminated
air, thus reducing load on air conditioner and saving on cooling costs
•Automated thermostat and lighting controls allow for lower energy consumption and monitoring of
energy usage in real time
•PEX plumbing conserves energy by not transferring heat as readily as copper; makes direct run to
each plumbing fixture
•Icynene® spray foam fills all exterior walls and ceilings to seal the building from air leaks and
provide additional insulation and sound proofing

To learn more about MZ Townhomes (located at 7301 E. Minnezona Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85251), visit