ROI Focus

The MODUS "SMART" Approach

ROI focusThe key to MODUS’s success has been a relentless focus on Return On Investment (ROI). The company was formed with a mission to create long-term value for its investors with a focus on capital preservation, current cash flow, and future appreciation — a mission that drives every project.

Founder Ed Gorman brings his extensive business background to MODUS and approaches each decision with profitability in mind. Prior to entering the real estate market, Gorman completed his MBA at Arizona State University and served as an executive at several notable companies:

• Director at AT&T
• CEO of AMPS Wireless, a wireless credit card processing company
• Vice President of Apriva, where he helped raised initial venture capital and launch the firm’s first wireless payment processing and secure communication products

Gorman applies this experience in business, technology, and financing to every MODUS project. Whether the task at hand involves selecting a location, design, materials, or otherwise, ROI is always the main focus with projects consistently on-time and under budget.