Why Modus


MODUS delivers better-than-market returns for investors by:

  • Focusing on locations with demonstrated income and population growth
  • Leveraging discounted land prices and construction costs in prime development areas
  • Building high-performance homes at a comparable cost to traditionally built homes
  • Mitigating risk by developing properties that allow dual exit strategies: rent or sale

Subsequently, MODUS has experienced impressive results and been nationally recognized for its achievements:

MODUS Development is a Phoenix-based real estate investment and development company known for its award-winning residential

projects that are modern (MOD), urban (U), and smart (S). Led by developer, business mogul, and technology expert Ed Gorman, MODUS was formed to create longterm value for its investors, with a focus on capital preservation, current cash flow, and future appreciation. While many real estate development companies pride themselves on their contemporary design and urban location, MODUS delivers superior returns by blending those benefits with a “SMART” approach:




ROI Focus

Tailored Design

This unique approach allows MODUS to create energy efficient developments that attract quality buyers and produce higher, faster returns for investors.

MODUS’s past projects have set the new standard for modern, urban, and smart homes, and their latest projects that are currently under construction promise equally exciting results.