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We're capitalizing on the rapidly growing BTR industry while changing the landscape of rental housing with our commitment to smart, eco-friendly design and modern aesthetic.

Build-To-Rent (BTR)

Build-To-Rent communities are hybrids between single-family and multifamily developments. They are maintained and operated by a property manager, allowing residents to enjoy the lock-and-leave lifestyle of renting. From an operational standpoint, these hybrids function like typical apartment communities, but, whereas most apartments stack vertically, BTR homes spread out horizontally, mirroring the layout of suburban neighborhoods.

BTR communities offer detached or attached duplex units with upscale finishes and private outdoor spaces.


  • Build-To-Rent (BTR) communities are trending with baby boomers and empty nesters who are downsizing and no longer want the hassle of maintaining a home.

  • BTR communities are also popular with mobile Gen Z and millennial generations who don't want to be tied to a mortgage or cannot obtain one.

  • The attractiveness of these communities for all age groups is a feeling of spaciousness, low-to-no maintenance, private backyards and not sharing walls, while taking full advantage of a lock-and-leave lifestyle.

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